Why the Fighting Falcons School of Martial Arts

Why indeed. We could tell you about our competition success, how we are a club trained and coached by World Champions. A club with an International Elite Level Coach that not only wins titles but can produce fighters young and old that also win titles.

We could tell you to look at our Hall of Fame which will show that we have a long history of producing successful athletes at National and International levels. Or we could talk about our test valley senior team and hampshire junior sportsperson of the year awards.

We could talk about our integrity and old school approach, that we do not guarantee a black belt after only a few years, nor do we bind you to long term contracts. We could tell you we are licensed by WAKO the only governing body for kickboxing that is recognised by the International Olympic Committee. Instead we would ask you to read some of the testimonials from our students and their parents as we feel this is the real value that we have to offer...

“Fighting falcons has given my son a great base for building life skills, it has built confidence, improved fitness and shown him hard work pays off. I love that fighting falcons gives my son all these things and more, while he just finds it great fun” ~ Tanith Burdock, Andover
“My son started fighting falcons having tried some others martial arts but as he is only 5 years old it can be difficult to find something that is both fun and rewarding at the same time. The Peregrine programme is perfect for him as it offers a foundation to build his martial arts upon while offering a range of personal life skills. He has become more confident and strong as a person and recently was selected for team captain at school. Having watched many training sessions I was also drawn to the family spirit of the club and have since joined the falcons programme. I can't speak highly enough of Gordon and his team of instructors. Professionally run with results that speak for themselves. Highly recommended” ~ Luke Hart, Andover
“I've been a member for sometime now, unfortunately with being in the Forces, sometimes I have to leave for periods of time and then can finally return, always doing so with great pleasure. The Fighting Falcons welcomed me straight away, Gordon has been an incredible coach and mentor, and the members and club themselves are all and have always been friendly and welcoming. Continuously challenging and with Gordon always wanting everyones best and beyond, I find myself striving to succeed and better myself. Even as a PTI in the Army who can obnoxiously think sometimes there's no fitness regime one may be incapable of breezing, I'm constantly corrected by his epic sessions. Love the club and always will” ~ Chris Ingleby, British Army
“My son joined Fighting Falcons late last year, he always struggled with finding the confidence to face new challenges, the first day he walked out of there he immediately said can I come back, since joining he has fought at 5 tournaments and showed no fear, bringing home 2 medals. Gordon is a firm but fair coach, with a great sense of humour, credit also goes to Dan, Nick, Adam, Stevie and Sian and all other seniors who always help out if they see others struggling. This isn't just a kickboxing club this is a Kickboxing Team” ~ Tanya Schulze, Andover